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Post  The Visionary on Mon May 17, 2010 6:16 pm

Time Lords. TARDISs. Gallifrey. Planets. Stars. Daleks. Humans… Cybermen. Oh no Cybermen. Kira stood in the Cybermen control room. She could hear the voice of her boss, Captain Jack Harkness and the Doctor both yelling in her earpiece. They was yelling at her to get out. Jack was half way across Cardiff dealing with the conversion centers; she was in the main control centre at the heart of Cardiff. She’d disobeyed orders for the millionth time. She was hanging by threads with the Captain’s patients, with her constantly running off. Then again, she was one of his most valuable and precious members. When he said precious, she knew he meant it. She was a Time Lord and as far as Kira or the Captain knew the only one left apart from the Doctor. The Doctor just didn't want to lose another person especially another Time Lord, especially one that hadn't been corrupted the way his people had.

Kira looked around the room she was in. Control panels everywhere. Where does she begin? What was she going to do to stop them? Her head was so full of things, screaming at her almost she didn’t know where to start. Lights of all colours, flashing all around her. Bangs as the Cybermen tried to break back in echoed throughout the room. Jack and Gwen were screaming at her to run. The Doctor to get out. She held her head, pulling her long blond hair out of her face, a useless attempt to help her think; it felt like it was going to explode. Memories, running through her mind. Why did she have the feeling she’d been here before, done this before? The technology, some of it was Dalek that’s why. Her two hearts were pounding in her chest. What was she going to do? So many things running all at once in her head. TARDIS. Time Lords. Daleks. Skaro. Mondas. Time Vortex. Torchwood. All running at once through her head making it feel like it was going to burst. Doctor. Master. Theta. Koschei. Iota. The last name, that name. Iota. It gave her strength. The Visionary. That was her. She could see it now. More images flashed throughout her mind, but one stood out amongst all. A lever, just like the one that reflected off the metal in front of her, stood out in her mind. She turned slowly. “Aaw, you’re brilliant. No!” She stepped back and looked at her wristband, it wasn’t even ready and the Cybermen were breaking through. “But if you pull that, you kill yourself.” She said softly.

"No! Kira you can't!" She heard the Doctor scream through the headset. "Still got the Master. He's a Time Lord." Kira said as a tear fell down her cheek. "You don't know that! Please don't do this!" The Doctor begged, trying everything to make her stop. "You your teleport, come back!" He pleased. "No power." Kira swallowed. "There's got to be another way!"

“I’ve got to Doctor. There is no other way,” She said softly. She was so scared. “Jack, you always said that I should be dead. Perhaps this is it. My Death...a bit overdue isn’t it?” She took a deep breath and looked at her face, reflecting in the mirror before her. Her grey eyes showed her eight hundred seventy-seven years and her fear. Her blonde hair was messed up from a fight with someone only moments ago. Her clothing was torn and bloodied. She looked down at her hand on the handle. All she had to do was pull it down. “Good bye you guys. Nice working with you all. I really loved it.” Her voice broke. “Doctor..."

Suddenly, there was a horrid pain that went through her veins like fire in a forest. She fought hard to hold back a scream, but a whimper still fought its way through. As she fell her hand, still grasping the lever, pulled it down with her. The whole room’s lighting, every light pulsed a deathly red. She could hear the Cybermen’s voices fading along with what felt like reality as well, all drifting away from her. Was she dying? It felt like it. She felt like she did, so long ago, during the Time War when she thought that her number was up and gone, yet she awoke to the faces of the family that took care of her. Before then, she woke up to the voice of soldiers shouting orders during the Time War. Then before, waking up only to find her child dead and she’d ‘died’ during childbirth. Those times, she’d felt warm, but now…All she felt was pain and the cold and the darkness. She kept fighting. She needed too. She had someone to fight for, only she was so far away and in safety.

She heard the ringing on her wristband, the countdown. She looked at her wristband, there was a glimour of hope as its battery was fully charged. She assumed it must have absorbed the energy from the beam that’d hit her. The Cyber Controller was over her, screaming its death cry. “So long.” She managed a painful whisper as a bright white light consumed her, teleporting her to safety, just as the Cyberman over her, head’s exploded.

Seconds later she smashed against hard concrete. She cried out. So much pain. She was dying she could feel it. She managed to sit up using her elbows, trying to focus. She was in some sort of alley. Tears were blinding her. She was in so much pain. She couldn't think straight. She was the only one in the dark alley way. She lifted her hands to look at them, both of them were glowing a white gold colour and energy, like smoke and perhaps dust was slowly fighting its way out. “It’s started.” She whispered softly, but she couldn't remember what was happening.

She fought to stand up. It was almost impossible, but using a dumpster, she was able. "Kira dies...but Iota will come back." She said her voice breaking as tears fell faster and thicker down her cheeks. Kira didn't want to die, nor did she want her to. She staggered back, taking one big deep breath, before the white gold light exploded from her hands and her head and she cried out. It hurt so much.

The white gold light lasted. Kira felt like she was dying. She kept fighting, because that's what she had done for so many years. Kira, the human, always fighting to survive like all humans, but now this was her death.

After a few minutes of the bright light, it began to fade, once faded, Kira collapsed on the floor, unconscious. Iota was home. Kira was dead. The Time Lord Iota always was and what Kira struggled to remember and be, came back. Kira was merely the human Iota was, only Iota had some say in what she'd be and how Kira would be. Kira was gone, forever to be a part of Iota and her memory.

Several hours later, Iota was awakened to the sound of rain falling all around her. It was dawn, she could tell by the amount of light. She used the same dumpster to pull herself to her feet. She felt dazed and confused. She could barely remember what had happened. In many ways she felt the equivalency of a hangover.

A suddenly bright light, perhaps those of car lights nearly blinded her. "Halt! Do not move! You're surrounded! Do not attempt to run!" She froze. "By Torchwood Code of Conduct, you have been identified as an illegal extraterrestrial! You will come with us to Torchwood HQ!" A male voice ordered. "Now!" she heard the cocking of a gun.

At first she'd thought it was Jack. "Jack what the hell are you playing at?" She was momentarily shocked at her new voice. Now that had been the voice that spoke in her dreams that she'd wanted to be, the dreams that felt centuries ago. She stepped forward only to be grabbed by two guards, shoved into a black car and taken to Torchwood.

Kira (Administration)

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