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CantSing Karaoke Bar

Post  Romana III on Tue Dec 29, 2009 7:42 am

Karaoke night is the night I've been looking forward to for ages. Oh, yes, I know my enthusiasm is not shared by every person on the team, but that doesn't stop me from feeling that warm tingle of giddy excitement running up and down my spine. Even if some don't feel like singing now, I'm determined to get everyone to at least hum something by the end of the evening. I'm sure my more persistent team mates feel the same way about that, which makes me smile to myself.

This night out is something we all truly need, or so I believe. The past few weeks have been hard on every single one of us, and it's truly essential right now to spend some time together as a team - as friends - without any stress or work-related fiascos to ruin it. This place will be perfect for that: it's far away from the Hub and has got nothing whatsoever to do with our jobs.

Besides, there's hardly anything more fun and lighthearted than a few hours of singing cheesy pop songs.

Determined to turn this into an evening full of laughter and silliness, I stuff my hands in the pockets of my turquoise coat and pace another few steps in front of the entrance to the bar, waiting for the others to get here.
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