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I felt myself drawn to the wormhole. In terms of local time, it had been 10 years since HE left his life and joined his race inside the Celestial Temple. His race went by many names, Prophets, Wormhole Aliens, others so old even I've forgotten them.

I parked my TARDIS outside the wormhole and waited. The first day, I mulled over various explanations for my summoning. The second day, I organized my recipe files by meal coarse then by food type. The third day, I calculated the mass weight of the Universe in grams. On the fourth day, I was trying to make sense of the whole wand chronology at the end of the Harry Potter series when an extremely white light filled the TARDIS. I squinted to protect my eyes from the intense glare. When the light finally died down, I found myself staring a HIM, standing there dressed in a pure white Starfleet uniform.

"It is you," I said in amazement. "You're Ben Sisko."

"I am The Sisko, you are The Doctor," he said matter of factly. "You must act now."

"OK, what are you talking about?"

He held up three fingers. "In three temporal days, the Federation will never have existed, unless you act now. Time is changing." A temporal day is a day's worth of experiences as lived by a Time Lord or other time traveler.

"How? When? What can I do?"

"Go to Manchester, England on September 21st, 1974..."

"...1974?" I interrupted.

He continued as though I had not said a word. "Once there, you may be met by a lady Lord, a you who is not you, a Rose with no thorns, the man who can not die, and others. Together, or alone, you must find the lost man working for the Hunt. The lost man is the key."

Before I could ask anything more, Sisko faded and vanished. I didn't understand much of what I had just been told, but I knew he had been earnest in his warning. Thus, I set my coarse as instructed and crossed my fingers.
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