Types of Role Play for those who Don't know.

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Types of Role Play for those who Don't know. Empty Types of Role Play for those who Don't know.

Post  The Visionary on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:41 pm

One-Liner: Three-sentences or less:
> Kira smiled and moved Louisa toward her mother. "Here's your baby girl." she handed Louisa to her.
> Kira continued playing with the baby for a while, "Wanna join?" Kira asked holding out the cloth for her friend.

Paragraph or para: A small paragraph about five sentences or more:
> "There were people far worse than me in that war." She said softly, closing her eyes. "I suppose, it was just luck that you were there. Because if you hadn't been I wouldn't be here today." She paused and looked at the sky above. "I owe you my lives." she paused. "We should get moving. It's getting late, we haven't long to it's dark here." She suggested looking down sadly.

Multi-para or Multi-paragraph: A two or more paragraphs normally about 3-4:
> “These are the same, except they don’t work on human DNA, they’re only programmed to work on mine because there isn’t an Time Lord doctor’s left. Well, except me, but that’s different, I was a genetic engineer, not a medical doctor.” She sighed. “By your time, the Daleks were still on the other side of the Andromeda Galaxy. Earth doesn’t meet them until a lot later. You’re lucky you haven’t met them. They could be the last things you ever see and if they don’t kill you straight away, you might as well be dead.” Kira looked at her with anger and pain deep in her eyes. “Because of them my home planet is gone and so is my family and friends.”

She turned small a dial on her wristband. An image appeared above it of a gold coloured pepper pot. “That’s a Dalek.” She turned the dial again and the image of a man in a green opera outfit with long, curly brown hair to his shoulders appeared, eating jelly babies. “That’s the Doctor as I knew him. He’s changed a lot since then.” She turned the dial again and a bald man with a leather jacket appeared, “Still not him yet, but close.” She turned the dial again and a man with messy hair and a long coat appeared. “That’s the Doctor in his current form. He’s who I’m looking for.”

She pressed a button on her wristband and a blue police box appeared and a sound of groaning engines played as it faded and reappeared. “That’s his space ship. The TARDIS, T-A-R-D-I-S, stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space.”

The image played her memory. The first man in green was leading her to the blue box. It was from her view. Her vision was slightly burred with tears. He opened the doors and lead her inside to a massive, old looking room, with bookshelf’s lining the walls. It looked gothic. “This is extracted from my own memory."

Novella Role Play: Four paragraphs or more"
> I'm not even going to post an example here. haha!

I'm a bit off please, please, please correct me!!!
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