The Lost Ones.

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The Lost Ones.

Post  The Visionary on Fri Jul 03, 2009 2:28 pm

Every TARDIS type had its own energy signature. No matter the difference in type the signature was still there. With the right mind and the right technology, it can be traced to a point before the TARDIS is to materialize in its new location.

Kira was heading back to Torchwood. She’d work there for about two years. She walked there on her own. She was always on her own nowadays. She had no one left. She lived with a human family, who thought she was their true daughter, but as she grew older and her past came back to her they found she wasn’t. Kira thought of her past now, and her hearts ached with the pain.

Her mind took her further back, to the Time War, when she lost everyone. Images of her mother and brother exterminated flashed across her mind. Her father, trapped on the Dalek Vessel falling into the Jaws Nightmare Child. Her older sister, sacrificing herself for the man that got her through everything.

That man, his name was the Doctor. She fought alongside him and he kept her from giving up on everything when she had no one left. She was ready to die then and he’d taught her to be strong and move on. They fought together through most of the war.

Then the final days came. Gallifrey called her home. She was forced to leave. She took her TARDIS and left, never telling the Doctor, she had to leave. Her TARDIS on her way back was struck by a Dalek Battle Cruiser and was dying. The last thing it did was save her. It made her human, but with nothing to story who she was in, lied dormant in her body and subconscious until triggered.

So, here she walked today, a lost child walking along the streets. No one knows she’s lost and no one can help her find home, because she isn’t just lost, she’s an orphan trying to find her own way in the world. To every other human, she looks just like them, human. But books look like books on the outside; on the inside they were each a different story and she was one of the rarest novels in the whole universe.

She walked almost reaching the Torchwood Base, her wristband started beeping. It detected something. Kira read the read out. At first it was just a simple time disturbance. She turned and traced it to its location. Then she detected the signature. She heard the noise. The sound of ancient engines grinding through the time vortex into existence. She saw the blue box appear from nowhere.

She closed her eyes and prayed that she was conscious and not just sleeping. She bit her lip anxiously as she waited.

(I want to try and keep this in a longer form, for those who like to play in a multi-para/novella style. Just wanted something a little different here, so we can have some variation here. Anyone can play, but please right more than one paragraph and use good grammer here.)
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