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Post  The Visionary on Sat Jun 20, 2009 8:10 pm

When I sign up do I have to make a character biography?
No, you don't. You only are required to post a biography if you're a brand new character or a new regeneration/incarnation of a previous character. Please read the format in the characters section on how/what you should post.

What is a canon character?
A canon character is someone from the series like the Doctor, the Master, Rose, Donna, ect.

Can I change my character?
Yes, just ask me first. Smile

What is a starter?
It initiates a role play. Just read the first post in any of the role play sections for an example.

How do I become a canon character?
Just message me asking and I'll put you into the category for it.

Why are there different coloured names? And meanings?
To signify who that person is.
Moderators= Red
Canon Characters= Yellow
New Characters= Green
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