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MySpace Links Here Please

Post  The Visionary on Thu May 13, 2010 4:56 pm

Please post those on MySpace that you'd like to share here. Smile
I role play:
©️тнε vιsιoηαяу. - Time Lady [My first and longest played Character]
©️тнε ƒεzмειsтεя. - Eleventh Doctor
ᴌσrᴅ ᴅσcтσя™️ [Selective Adds] - Tenth Doctor
нaroᴌᴅ saxoη [Selective Adds] - The Master
Ganymede [Selective Adds] - Iota's brother
Lαмb∂α Eℓιzαbєтн Xι [Selective Adds] - Iota's daughter.
Frair Visionary [Selective Adds] - Iota's son: Half Time Lord
Montgomery Scott - From Star Trek Original Series
Feel free to add me. Smile

Kira (Administration)

"My name is the Visionary, I see what no one else can see. I see through the clouds that block normal perception."
If you have MSN and fancy a chat, don't be afraid to send a message and ask. Smile
The Visionary
The Visionary

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