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Basic Information:
Name: Romanadvoratrelundar (Romana for short)
Job: Torchwood Officer
Age: 910
Sex: Female
Race: Time Lord
Home: Gallifrey
Family: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brother: The Doctor
Sister: Unknown
Children: None
Personality: Romana's third incantation has shown herself to be a quick-witted, inquisitive and compassionate young woman, who was quick to adapt despite being thrown into strange events. She fell easily into the role of the Doctor's latest companion and showed both determination and courage while facing various alien threats. It is also obvious that she cares deeply about the Doctor, although she has more romantic feelings towards Jack Harkness. Also, besides Jack Harkness, she is the only companion of the Doctor's that seems to be willing to kill the Doctor's enemies regularly. With other companions such as Martha and Donna, they were much more reluctant, with Martha only killing a couple of times and being horrified that she did it, and Donna only killing once after being left no choice as it was the only way to save Agatha Christie.
Good points: She is brave and intellegent.
Bad points: She is shown to be a bit shy towards Jack.
Likes: Jack Harkness, Torchwood, Adventures, The Doctor
Hates: Evil Aliens, destruction, greed
Special powers: None except for great intellegance.
Appearance: Romana has beautiful long brown hair and bright blue eyes.
Hair: Creamy Brown.
Skin: Olive
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: Different varites.
Height: Unknown
Build: Medium

Character history:

The White Guardian originally assigned Romana to assist the Doctor during the quest for the Key to Time, having appeared to her as the Lord President of Gallifrey. Though she was much younger than the Doctor, she considered him an academic inferior. However as they searched for the various pieces of the Key to Time she came to respect the Doctor for his greater experience and knowledge versus her stolid academic credentials.

Following the completion of the Key to Time mission, Romana chose not to immediately return to Gallifrey and she and the Doctor shared a few more adventures. Then, for reasons that remain unclear, she regenerated. The appearance of her new incarnation was based upon the appearance of Princess Astra of Atrios, who had been the sixth and final segment of the Key.

Romana decided to regenerate into a form just like of Princess Astra. The Doctor protested that she had no right to assume the likeness of another person, so she went briefly through other alternative forms, only to settle back on Astra's. She also initially chose a style of dress that mimicked the Doctor's. The Doctor soon got accustomed to her new form. He found this new incarnation easier to get along with than the last, to the point where he implied that he considered her his best friend. Together, the Doctor, Romana and K-9 Mark II made an unbeatable team.

The Doctor, Romana and K-9 Mark II spent an indeterminate period of time together, potentially quite long given the Doctor and Romana's longevity as Time Lords.

After forgetting all about the matter, the Doctor received a message from the Time Lords requesting (or rather, ordering) him to return her to their home planet of Gallifrey now that she had helped him find the segments to the Key to Time. En route, the Doctor's TARDIS entered a Charged Vacuum Emboitment, left their own universe (N-Space) and entered another, smaller universe known as E-Space. With K-9 damaged by the time winds, the regular universe remained inaccessible to him. Romana decided to stay with him in the new universe and to help the enslaved Tharils release themselves from captivity.

Romana and K-9 did return to N-Space and to Gallifrey and assumed the Presidency. Romana boldly initiated diplomatic relations with the Time Lords enemy, the Daleks.

Prior to the destruction of Gallifrey, Romana had regenerated into a third incarnation.

Romana had by her third incantation became War Queen and President of the Nine Gallifreys. She regenerated knowing that she would need a harder personality for the upcoming War with The Enemy. As a result she became less friendly towards the Doctor. Physically, she resembled a beautiful dark-haired woman.

After the end of the War with the Enemy and the destruction of Gallifrey (a separate event from the Last Great Time War), Romana's looked for a way to live her life. She wishes to join Torchwood.

Relationships: Jack Harkness (Romantic)
Romana III
Romana III

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