A Departure...And A Return

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A Departure...And A Return Empty A Departure...And A Return

Post  Romana III on Tue Dec 29, 2009 7:29 am

Even in the case of an Emergency Protocol 12-7, a President of the High Council does not just nip off for a bit of universe saving on a whim. So before her departure from Gallifrey, Romana set up things in such a way that she was officially on one of her periodic diplomatic embassies...and unofficially, she was armed with a communicator that might summon her back to Gallifrey if something unexpected happened.

Although honestly, Romana thought tiredly to herself, If anyone attempts a coup while I'm away, I'm half inclined to hand over the presidential reins without a murmur. Let them worry about fighting a War; I'm going on holiday.

Although she knew that where she was heading was going to be anything but a holiday. But it was a change, and it was back out 'in the field' as it were. So Romana made relatively short work of presidential matters before heading to where her TARDIS was docked. It resembled an unusually-carved obelisk at the moment (of course its chameleon circuit worked), but when she slipped inside the interior had a decided art deco elegance to it. Romana changed out of her heavy robes and into an outfit appropriate for Earth...and entered the coordinates that her other self had given her.

With a familiar vworping groan, Romana's TARDIS dematerialized, heading for Earth -- and her impending reunion and meeting with The Doctor and his eclectic entourage. When she arrived at the coordinates and stepped outside...
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