Skaro Motherships

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Skaro Motherships

Post  Romana III on Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:56 am

Romana woke up strapped to a machine of metal. Something seemed to be be running into her skin with the use of needles now attached to her. What could be running through those capsules. Knock out chemicals, toxics, dalek factor... She panicked and started to struggle. A Dalek seemed to notice and went towards her. "Any more movement of struggle will end with your extreminatination!" The Dalek annouced.

"Go ahead!" Romana screamed at the Dalek using a number of threats. SHe HATED the Daleks now, that they had destroyed her home world and most of her people. She hated them!

The sky was beautiful, an endless firey orange bisected by the brilliant overhead bands of Coralee's rings. In the moonlight, the sand was glorious white lapped at by the white-flecked black of the surf. Bioluminescent fish were visible in the shallows just off-shore. The palms waved casually in the light breeze.

That was her homeland. Now it was lost.
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