The Undying Souls

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The Undying Souls

Post  Romana III on Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:23 am

Romana wasn't completely sure where exatly she was going. One moment, she had been in the TARDIS, with the Tenth Doctor, now, she seemed to be wandering through a forest somewhere. It was cold. It was dark. She shivered and felt sweat pouring down her forehead even though she was so so cold in the inside. So cold.

And there were some rather creepy noises coming from far away in the distance.
Suddenly, from in front of her, a very familiar sound broke the silence.
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Re: The Undying Souls

Post  Doctor Eleven11 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:05 pm

[Sorry for the long reply]

The Doctor ran through the dark halls. The count down inside his head was at twenty seconds and he was still far from the TARDIS. He pushed his legs faster. He had to get back to the TARDIS before the Radion Drive Overload, or he'd die of Radiation Poisoning. The Overload would release so much radiation that even he couldn't survive the blast. Six seconds left, he was at the door, sticking the new-looking worn key into the old lock. Two second, his hearts were pounding as he set the TARDIS to go anywhere as long it was out of range of the blast. He raced around the console pulling levers and turning dials with occasionally flicking some switches. The TARDIS burst into life just as the countdown hit zero.

The Doctor fell back against the railings, but only to be thrown them again back into the console as the TARDIS lurched forward. "No!" He cried out, before he hit the console. He groaned out for it hurt, but despite the pain, he grabbed the hanging screen and pulled it towards him. "What?" He looked at the Time Rotor, then back at the scanner. "Oh no you don't!" The Doctor yelled and ran to the other side of the console, pulling down another leaver.

For a few moments, the Doctor beamed thinking he'd escaped it, but no, just as his grin appeared, the TARDIS console exploded into sparks. The Doctor had to dive to the side to escape being burned. He groaned again, hitting the glass floor. He could have sworn he'd fractured, perhaps cracked, even broken a rib. It was possible. In an instant, he threw himself back to his feet and pulled the screen again toward him. He noticed he'd received a nasty burn to his left hand, but it wasn't too bad.

"It's pulling me in!" The Doctor shouted out, a bit worried now. The Drive had created a tiny black hole and it was pulling him in. The TARDIS couldn't escape. "No! No! No! No! Please no!" The Doctor begged. The TARDIS would be destroyed, it would be an undeniable fact. "It's pulling me in."

Turbulence grew worse with every passing moment as the Doctor tried to keep the TARDIS in one piece. The console was out of his control and he was getting exhausted, even for the Time Lord, trying to calm it. He was going to die he was sure of it.

The suddenly, the TARDIS came to a halt. The Doctor held onto the railings to keep from falling. He wasn't dead? Then where had the TARDIS landed? The Doctor stood up to his full height and adjusted his bow tie. He walked down the steps and out the doors into the forest beyond. Something told him that today was going to be a good day.
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